Coming this June to Poland: A Festival of Yoga


                The International Day of Yoga on June 21 will mean a festival of yoga for Warsaw, which will stretch over three days. A yoga picnic on June 19 at Warsaw’s Pole Mokotowskie will include yoga sessions, lectures, panel discussions, concerts, culinary workshops and also special vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine. This will be followed by yoga sessions involving schools on June 20 and a special inaugural session with Indian and Polish dignitaries on June 21.

                “Yoga is about an inner journey. Send a friendship request to yourself, try yoga!” said Ambassador Ajay Bisaria at a media interaction to unveil plans for the 2nd International Day of Yoga. Ambassador Bisaria said that the events for the 2nd IDY will be grander than those at the first, given the growing interest in yoga in Poland.

The first ever Yoga Day in 2015 involved almost every country in the world with more than 1.3 million people participating in common yoga sessions. In Poland, 13,000 people took part in public events; 8,000 of them congregated in Pole Mokotowskie.

                The main organisers of the yoga day in Poland are the Confederation of Yoga Schools (PSJ), the Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce (IPCCI) and the Foundation of Polish Art of Living (AOL). The celebrations will be part of global Yoga festivities with the theme, “Yoga for Healthy Life”. In India, two special records were established which entered the Guinness Book of World Records – the largest (about 36,000) number of participants for a single yoga class, at India Gate in New Delhi and the largest number of nationalities (84) for such an event.

The Festival of Yoga in Warsaw will be supported by the Ambassadors of Yoga, long time practitioners and celebrities: Edyta Herbuś (dancer-actress), Małgorzata Pieczyńska (actress) and Natalia Przybysz (jass singer).  This galaxy of yoga stars will be joined for this year’s edition by Agnieszka Cegielska (TV anchor), Paulina Holtz (TV actress) and Agnieszka Maciąg (fashion model). The media interaction also saw presentations by Adam Ramotowski, a certified yoga teacher and president of the Confederation of Yoga Schools; Ms. Joanna Jedynak, certified yoga teacher; Ms. Justyna Wojciechowska, certified yoga teacher, and vice-president of the Association of Iyengar Yoga in Poland; Hubert Hryc, psychotherapist, author of the blog; and Marek Borchert - a 78-year-old practitioner of Yoga and guide in Warsaw.

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Ambassadors of the International Day of Yoga in Poland!

Agnieszka Cegielska
famous TV presenter
Edyta Herbuś
dancer and actress
Paulina Holtz
theatre and movie actress
Małgorzata Pieczyńska
Stage, film and TVactress
Natalia Przybysz
singer and song writer


                Poland will see a huge celebration of yoga this week. A grand yoga carnival is planned on Sunday (June 19) on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga in a central park of Warsaw, Pole Mokotowskie. The schedule of the yoga picnic was unveiled at a press conference by the organising committee of the IDY, in the presence of four Polish celebrities, designated Ambassadors of Yoga!
Sunday will see yoga demonstrations, specialised group yoga sessions, culinary surprises, a grand inaugural ceremony and a festive concert by Yoga Ambassador Paulina Przybysz and her sister Natalia Przybysz. 

                Each of the Ambassadors spoke of her experience with yoga and what yoga had meant in her personal journey. Ambassador Ajay Bisaria presented copies of a special publication on yoga, showing pictures of yoga events during the first International Day of Yoga, from more than 190 countries, including Poland. Speaking to the media, Ambassador thanked the organising committee and ambassadors of yoga for passionately promoting yoga in Poland. He said that millions of people in 192 countries has joined the event last year. This included more than 11,000 people in Poland, in 21 cities. The celebrations this year are expected to be larger.

                A research survey in Poland has shown that more than 200 centers teach yoga, which over 1000 registered teachers and more than 37,000 practitioners of yoga.

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