The government of Poland announced a new ‘’Go India’’ programme for Polish enterprises, as a response to the "Make in India" campaign. Announcing the programme during a special ‘’India-Central Europe economic meeting’’ at the 7th European Economic Congress at Katowice (April 20-22), the Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Mr Janusz Piechocinski underscored the importance of the Indian market in the overall diversification of Polish economic engagement. The deputy PM noted that India is a key economic partner for Poland with bilateral trade now standing at US$ 2.2 billion. The ’Go India’ programme is expected to provide an institutional framework and financial incentives for promoting Polish enterprises in Indian markets. It also aims to support India’s imports from Poland.

Inaugurating the economic congress, the President of Poland Mr Bonislaw Komorowski underlined ‘’innovativeness’’ as the key factor in propelling the Polish economy to the next level of economic transformation. He also referred to a presidential bill in them Polish parliament, aimed at increasing competitiveness and creating ideal conditions for small and medium enterprises.

Ambassador of India, Ajay Bisaria, participating in a panel discussion at the India-Central Europe economic meeting, welcomed ''Go India'' as a strong compliment to ''Make in India''. He also announced that Poland had been included in the next phase of India’s e-visa scheme; this would further facilitate business engagement. On the India-EU FTA, he said that the negotiations are expected to resume soon and Poland, as a leading member of the European Union, should support the initiative, which had the potential to positively impact the Polish economy. Other panelists representing the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Mr Rohit Sharma, Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IPCCI), Mr J.J. Singh and Mr Amit Lath, PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi, Mr Vijay Mehta and Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce, Poznan,Mr Ryszard Schneider also debated at length the dynamics influencing the economic engagement between India and Poland. The panel was moderated was Dr Malgorzata Bonikownska of Centre for International Relations and was also attended by representative of Ministry of Economy of Poland, Mrs Lucyna Jaremczuk.

The Embassy team also visited the facility of the largest Indian investment in Poland, Arcelor Mittal at ‘’Huta Katowice’’ on April 21. Arcelor Mittal has invested close to US$ 2 billion in Poland and provide direct employment to nearly 1000 Polish nationals. The Head of the Embassy's Economic Wing Mr. Sanjeev Manchanda said that the facility has a state of art steel production facility; the global output of the company is around 100 million tonnes annually, accounting for nearly 8 percent of world’s total steel production.